Three steps to a healthy pregnancy

Now that you know you are pregnant, it’s time to take extra care of yourself. Pregnancy is a challenging condition, and it will test your mental and physical health. But you can increase your chances of having a problem-free pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby by following our simple guideline.

Get early prenatal care

Excellent prenatal care is essential for both, your baby and you. Schedule an appointment with your doctor. During this visit, you will be check for certain conditions that in future could lead to complications.post4a

If you don’t have a health care provider, then start now. Finding the right person that will monitor your pregnancy is an essential thing, and it can take a while. You need to have an open relationship with him, where you can express your concerns and fears. If you are taking some medications or have some medical issues, then make sure to address them.

Pay attention to what you eat

Now that you are eating for two, you will be surprised to know that you only need 300 extra calories per day. It is a massive misconception that future mothers need to eat a lot to have a healthy pregnancy. This leads to obesity and overweight.

It’s one of the reasons why many women have a hard time getting rid of pregnancy weight. The essential thing is to get plenty of protein. When you break down the numbers, instead of 45 grams you used before, now you need 70 grams. post4bWhile your calcium requirement remains the same, you still need to meet it, which is a challenge for many future mothers.

Take the prenatal supplements

The majority of prenatal supplements include folic acid and iron that you can find in standard multivitamins. It is crucial to take enough folic acid before your pregnancy and during early stages. This will help you deliver a healthy baby and reduce your baby’s risk of developing neural tube congenital disabilities.

You can start taking 400 micrograms, and once the pregnancy has been confirmed, you can increase this dose up to 600 micrograms.